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Magic and History Books

Thai Amulet Kunpan History & Magical Power  

My favorite movie is Legend of Kunpan movie (Title in Chinese: 大将军), this movie is a mix style between love story and fighting, especially black magic fighting that I like his 3 things magical power and like full of violence, evil and black magic scenes are pretty cool!!. This movie is the based on classical Thai literature, Kunpan is a magical, tragic love story based on the life and time of a strong warrior.

Kunpan - Legend of the War Lord is a legend about a warlord named Kunpan, happily enough. As a child, Kunpan's father is killed by the somewhat vicious king, and Kunpan would be killed too if his mother didn't whisk him away and hide him in a monastery. At the monastery, Kunpan is educated in the arts of war by an elderly monk and grows to be a good looking young monk himself. But then he falls in love with a gorgeous local girl and quits the monastery to marry her. To everyone's surprise and disappointment, he turns out to be something of a bastard who is led through life by his dick.

At least, that's how the first half of the movie presents him, since it lavishes far too much time on his bedroom antics, though since several extremely attractive young actresses are also involved I cannot complain too much about this attention. Well, actually yes I can - it was frankly rather dull, beautiful as the ladies may be. So the first hour of the movie is pretty much a bust, but then things come out of the bedroom and the movie starts to take a different and altogether darker route. Kunpan is pretty unlikeable in the first hour, but in the second he turns downright evil. Still totally unlikeable, but altogether more interesting.

The second half of the movie is pretty cool, full of violence, evil and black magic. Less shagging, more war. It's still not classic cinema, but it's much more engaging. The movie seems very similar to some other Thai movie I can't put my finger on, at least thematically. It may have starred the same lead actress even, as I've certainly seen her before (did I mention she was cute?). It's another movie where the men are all immature bastards but it's the women who suffer as a result. Kunpan is a dark hero, which sometimes makes it difficult to really be concerned by his problems. It's only because his enemies are that much worse that you want him to prevail.

Kunpan isn't a great movie, and for some of its run-time it outright sucks. It has some great moments to compensate though, and is overall quite watchable. The Thai DVD is pretty lousy - washed out non-anamorphic image that is much too dark, but ok sound and subtitles at least. It doesn't get very high recommendations, but I don't recommend *not* watching it either

Is it really legend? That my question after I watched this movie, my question must to have answers…. right? I went to check website and other website, they said about Kunpan history as following:


Kunpan has another name is “Phyekaw” , his father is Kunkai Pon Pai and his mother is Mrs.Tong Pha Si.
Kunpan’s father is a highly regarded warrior in Supanburi Province, but he makes the mistake of bringing too many oxen to the king and it’s off with the head.
Kunpan and his mother run for their lives. He is brought up in a temple and gains great strength and a few magical powers at Somyai temple until 15 years olds and returns to his home as a monk at Wat Pa Re Rai Supanburi so, he come back to see Pim and Kunchang again as same resident .

Kunpan marries with Pim, after he leaves the priesthood. Same their wedding night he is on the dock making hay with one of the servant girls. Huh? This is a totally bizarre moment. Not long time after their marries ,The King (the same one who executed his father) sends Kunpan off to fight his enemy in the north, he take the new wife from north. Kunpan returns and is soon back in the good graces of the King.

His wife and son:
1. PimPiRaLai or Wantong ,his son is PaiAm
2. SaiTong, she is Pim’s servant girls
3. LawTong, from northern Thailand
4. BouHey, his son is kill by himself and take to make Kumantong
5. KawKiriya, his son is PaiChumPon

His 3 things magical power:
1. Mar Si Mok (Special Horse)
2. Dab Fah Fien (Special sword)
3. Khuman Thong(His son)

Kunpan monument

Kunpan Special Amulet :

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The Headless Chicken Lived For 18 Months  

The headless chicken lived for 18 months !!!
Did you believe it ???

If I just read this title, surely I’m not believe it whilst I just know chicken fry or chicken grill from my dinner plates, but after I saw Milk story from Koosang Koosom magazine that made me doubt likely baby after that I immediately went to check website so, I saw the 2002 Guinness world records about Mike the headless chicken.
''No, that can't be happening!'' Amazing!!!

This is not a hoax: Following a non-lethal decapitation, Mike the headless chicken, later nicknamed “Miracle Mike” lived for approximately 18 months:

Yes, it’s true. So, back in the September 10th, 1945 finds a strapping (but tender) five and a half month old Wyandotte rooster pecking through the dust of Fruita, Colorado. The unsuspecting bird had never looked so delicious as he did that, now famous, day. Clara Olsen was planning on featuring the plump chicken in the evening meal. Husband Lloyd Olsen was sent out, on a very routine mission, to prepare the designated fryer for the pan. Nothing about this task turned out to be routine. Lloyd knew his Mother in Law would be dining with them and would savor the neck. He positioned his ax precisely, estimating just the right tolerances, to leave a generous neck bone. "It was as important to Suck-Up to your Mother in Law in the 40's as it is today." A skillful blow was executed and the chicken staggered around like most freshly terminated poultry.

Then the determined bird shook off the traumatic event and never looked back. Mike (it is unclear when the famous rooster took on the name) returned to his job of being a chicken. He pecked for food and preened his feathers just like the rest of his barnyard buddies.

When Olsen found Mike the next morning, sleeping with his "head" under his wing, he decided that if Mike had that much will to live, he would figure out a way to feed and water him. With an eyedropper Mike was given grain and water. It was becoming obvious that Mike was special. A week into Mike's new life Olsen packed him up and took him 250 miles to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City . The skeptical scientists were eager to answer all the questions regarding Mike's amazing ability to survive with no head. It was determined that ax blade had missed the jugular vein and a clot had prevented Mike from bleeding to death. Although most of his head was in a jar, most of his brain stem and one ear was left on his body. Since most of a chicken's reflex actions are controlled by the brain stem Mike was able to remain quite healthy.

The 18 MONTHS that Mike lived as "The Headless Wonder Chicken". he grew from a mere 2 1/2 lbs. to nearly 8 lbs. In a Gayle Meyer interview Olsen said Mike was a "robust chicken - a fine specimen of a chicken except for not having a head." Some longtime fruit a residents, gathered at the Monument Cafe for coffee, also remember Mike - "he was a big fat chicken who didn't know he didn't have a head" - "he seemed as happy as any other chicken." Mike's excellent state of health made it difficult for animal-rights activists to garner much of a following. Even now the town of Fruita celebrates Mike's impressive will to live, not the nature of his handicap. Miracle Mike took on a manager, and with the Olsens in tow, set out on a national tour. Curious sideshow patrons in New York , Atlantic City , Los Angeles , and San Diego lined up to pay 25 cents to see Mike. The "Wonder Chicken" was valued at $10,000.00 and insured for the same. His fame and fortune would earn him recognition in Life and Time Magazines. It goes without saying there was a Guinness World Record in all this. While returning from one of these road trips the Olsens stopped at a motel in the Arizona desert. In the middle of the night Mike began to choke. Unable to find the eyedropper used to clear Mike's open esophagus Miracle Mike passed on. It's cool !!!!

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Amulet Thailand Kumanthong History and Magic  

For people who know wh
at is Kuman Thong, you will know that good Kuman must make from real bone or part of baby. The real amulet will made from expert master.

Some Kumanthong made by
using baby bone mix with many good ashes or some area made Kuman by Khmer way so the power from this amulet will haven't Buddha power .Now Kuman Thong can’t made from real bone or part of baby same the past because unlawful(but some area may be made), so expert master from Thailand will use soil from 7cemeterys mix with Ittije powder that special powder from Thailand or use special wood that Thai believe it’s the holy tree. For people who don't like black magic, please stay away from this amulet. Kumanthong made for help owner in many ways but this one will concentrate on wealthy

What is Kuman Thong?
Kuman Thong or lit.Golden Child is a kid’s angel that bounded to some kind of magical statue by monk or shaman(s). The angel will be raised some
what like a kid and continue his/her growth and learning on another plane of existence. But, by the way, the ghost will, by the dark art’s power, grow a lot faster than a living-kid.
Some book said “ Kuman Thong is a type of child ghost, but still being only his/her soul. Kumanthong in Thailand believed that, he ca
n help everything that you order but you may give some gift for thanks.”

How many types of Kuman Thong ?
Two types of Kuman Thong
1. Kumandeva or Kumanthep or God-Child
2. Kumanplai
The raising of two types of Kuman is slightly different.

For Kumandeva you don’t have to offer foods .He/she can automatically consume the food’s essence from their master’s daily meal. He/ she is a smart kid that will carefully aid their master. Sometimes when you request this type of Kuman to aid you with something, you have to be patiently waited the time but risk-free solution. The good side : Kumandeva won’t give you any aid that come along with bad consequence. And Kumandeva won’t response to any illegal or sinful request.

For Kumanplai is much like an ordinary nasty and naive kid. We have to actively offer his/her food by arrange a tiny platter of ordinary meal for him/her. Kumanplai usually not as careful as Kumandeva. They occasionally play pranks using their supernatural power. When you request something you usually get fast response, sometimes with a little side-effect.
Both type of Kuman share one thing in common, they need reddish beverages. Whoever raises them must offer some clear red sweet beverage (of any brand) regularly. It’s been said that the Kumans ‘born’ with unfortunate karma that they don’t have their own corporeal body. Thus the red drinks substitute their blood symbolically. And from time to time one should offer them few toys. They’re, still, kids.

What is the power ?
Kuman Thong can help you about Business, Job, Love, and other if you want.

The method to look after him/her :
Firstly, when you have received them you must give his/her good name before taking him home. The popular name such as:
1. Kumandeva will be given lucky and help to make riches example:
1.1 Tong Ma
1.2 Reak Sup
1.3 Poon Tong

2. Kumanplai will be protected and safe you’re unlucky or accident example:
2.1 Chai
2.2 Pet Mun
2.3 Kong
2.4 Kar
2.5 Khang

Secondly, when you arrive home, you have to tell your landlord about asking a permission for Kumanthong staying in your home together. Then,you must say "OK, I allow him being here" and you must tell your Kumanthong to inside your home.

Thirdly, you must introduce your family to him knows. If you have every meal you must invite him to eat with you. Excepting an alcohol because he is still being children. You must feel or imagine as he/her is being beside you. If you would like to look after him you have to take care him as your son. He/she will give you everything that you order him doing. It's an unbelievable but it's a truth.

If your own one Kuman Thong is real, how can you know ?
The strange situation happen in your home after you take him in and you have to notice such as there is a noise of kid, a sound of slice chair or heavy thing, a sound of stepping of kid something. You are ensure that Kuman Thong is real , always give him food, toys, desert, water and pray for what you want then you will meet him in dream.

How to connect to Kuman-Thongs ?
Kumans will gossip in to your ears without manifesting themselves. And sometimes you’ll just feel like he/she’s somewhere near you. And sometimes Kuman will possess some weak people. Most possessed host is usually a descendant of a medium, especially a young girl kid. The Kumans cannot posses one of non-medium family.

The last
Kumans are another form of being living on another plane of dimension. They’re ,just like creature in our plane, have their own spirit, feelings, and above all, they have their birth and death. Once bounded, a Kuman will stay with their master for the rest of their life. They will live with us much like an adopted child, help us around, being a part of us until their life come to an end (maybe years or decades).

How can we know when they’re gone reincarnate to another world. We can recognize the missing of the distance footsteps, whispering ,giggling or entering our dreams like they usually did to show us they’re around. Also we will not quite missed them as if the very soul bond have been fallen apart. When they’re with us we’ll know they’re, and when they’re not, we will know as well.

Once a Kuman left. We should clear our karma by dig a grave for about half a foot deep and bury the Kuman’s statue. Cover well and sprinkle some aroma flowers, of any kind, over the grave. Then state “This is your remain that will discard just like a dead body. We should let it crumbled to earth soil. I shall cover this remain for you shall go to reborn in a good place. But before you go please accept these 5 commandments of 1st. not killing, 2nd. not stealing, 3rd. not committing adultery, 4th not lie, 5th not drinking alcohol. Promised these and I will make an offering ritual and let you have the karmic reward.” (and then in the following day early in the morning, we set up some offering for monks including fine food, drinks, flower and other good things. Then at the end of the offering section we sub-vocally yet interestedly state that all the karmic reward of the offering go to the Kuman). We should cover the grave well so that no one won’t find it. ‘Cause another Kuman-master might discover the grave and rob the remain to re-bound the soul again. Do these and our beloved Kuman will ascend to higher plane, instead of another service cycle. Also if we keep give them enough good karmic reward they could reincarnate to be a minor god. Or ultimately….be a human.

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