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Pi Krasue  

 News that shocked the Thai people, when villagers saw Krasue Ghost at  PhaTumThaNi Province in Thailand 

Pi Krasue
The Etymology
The same spirit is part of the popular folklore in Thailand under the name Krasue, in Cambodia as Arp in Cambodia and in Laos, as Phi-Kasu or Kasu. A similar spirit is also found in the traditions of the Malaysia and Indonesia, where it is called Penanggalan or Hantu Penanggal, as well as the Philippines, where it is identified with the local spirit Manananggal.

What is Krasue?
Krasue is the floating head of a vampire female ghost. Intestines hang out of the ghost's neck and trail behind the head. A Krasue or Ap is a malevolent spirit appearing during the night. It manifests itself as a woman, usually young and beautiful, with her internal organs hanging down from the neck, trailing below the head.

Since it has no lower body this spirit hovers in the air above the ground. The organs below the head include a length of intestine and are usually represented freshly daubed with blood. Her teeth often include pointed fangs in vampyre-fashion.

The Phii Krasue is a very scary ghost in Thai mythology. It consists of a flying head with entrails hanging from it and a voracious hunger for blood and intestines.

The Krasue usually fly out at night to seek for blood or raw flesh. Krasue sometimes prey to the pregnant woman at their home but just before or after the childbirth ,using an elongated proboscis-like tongue and sharp teeth to eat the fetus or its placenta. To protect the pregnant woman, it is advisable to scatter torns around the house. Afterbirth, the cut placenta should be burried far away and deeply into the ground.

If the body disappears or is hidden by someone, the flying head will not be able to survive after the morning.


The Nature of Krasue Spirit localed On Hinduism religion come from India which later, spread to Cambodia which first lead the birth of Krasue Spirit by its Dark art and Witch Cursed. It was providing the local religions for long times until the war and refugee happened to took a place in another Country.In Thailand, A story of a Khmer princess become the krasue in Thailand at mids 1700s during the Dark age of Cambodia within the losing of war with many country, had told as the first thai Krasue.

It is believed that this spirit was formerly a rich person with a legth of black gauze or ribbon tied around the head and neck as protection from the sunshine. The ghost originated with the possession of this woman by an evil spirit which turned her into a head suspended in the air with some internal organs hanging from the neck after the separation of the head from the body.

This hungry ghost is always active in the night when it goes out hunting, seeking blood to dring or raw flesh to devour.

This ghost can prey on pregnant women in their homes just before or after the childbirth. It uses an elongated proboscis-like tongue to catch the fetus or its placenta within the womb and its sharp teeth to devour it. This habit, among other unmentionable things that this spirit does, is believed to be the cause of many diseases affecting mainly women during their pregnancy. Attacking pregnant women is a feature Krasue or Ap shares with the Filipina ghost Manananggal.

In order to protect the pregnant women from becoming victims before birth, their relatives place thorny branches around the house. This improvised thorny fence discourages the Krasue coming to suck the blood and causing other sufferings to the pregnant lady within the house.[3]

After the birth, the woman's relatives must take the cut placenta far away for burial to hide it from the Krasue. There is the belief that if the placenta is buried deep enough the spirit can't find it. To crush the still body which can be left sleeping or sitting is fatal to the spirit. The flying head will return after hunting but rejoin with the wrong body which will lead to suffer pain until death.

The creature will die if the intestines get cut off or if its body disappears or gets hidden by someone. If the top part of the body fails to find the lower half before daybreak it will die if it does not rejoin the other half when sunlight comes. Some traditions believe that the creature can be destroyed by burning them alive.

Krasue in Malaysia - Langsuyar/Penanggalan

Much like the Pontianak (which it is also known as the Langsuyar), it is recognised by her long fingernails, green robe and the hole in her neck. She died during childbirth. This hole is where she feeds on infants' blood. They may fool men into marrying them as humans but at the first big dance they get over excited and fly off into the trees. The Langsuyar was recorded by Sir William Maxwell in the Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society circa 1885.

Like the Phii Krasue of Thailand, the Penanggalan consists of a head and some entrails. The Penanggalan actually separates from its whole, female form into a motionless, headless, gutless body and flying head. It seeks out the blood of children or the blood from childbirth.


Many religious believe that Heredity to becoming the spirit originally come from The Pysical or Supernatural combination when someone try to learning the black art in Hindo Culture which appeared them to separate their head and body if they make the mistake or study the wrong magic. The Sins also is a relation to Krasue Heredity for the ones who aborted or killed someone in the pass life, will receive a punishment to become Krasue. Another story refer to a person which later become the Krasue, had Contaminating by eat or drink the meal with the old krasue's sailver or flesh. It mostly happened to the witch's relative especially their daughter or granddaughter.

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