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"NamManPrai" is the best black magic in spellbind type that under dark lines so; I think this amulet is the most horrific. Let see this story, so scared…….. 

This oil is helping you to control all the success which oil, especially sexual

What is NamManPrai?

NamManPrai is spirit oil that use candles burn around chin of the female, who died while pregnant.
Who can take oil from female died while pregnant that they must be high level magic and very strong power because they will be faced with the dreadful and terrible or may be faced with Spirit Ghost power, so they might become a maniac or simply to the death if no high magic. Waw…. This oil same evil a great mystery of dark magic.

Who hold this oil use with someone, they will love who owns NamManPrai oil like crazy.
So sad if you are lucky to selection because very difficult to get out of this black magic or not at all.

NamManPrai was popular history but we don’t know yet that it’s just believed or really story while scientist haven’t proofed truth information yet that we was talking for a long time about this amulet. Long time ago this oil offered for men who desire some women but her don’t want together with him, so they covered to have evil mind and don’t think bad effective if they done. 
What would they do with the oil??
The main materials
- Phong Phut Nang Prai is special powder.    
   (Phong is powder, Phut is Demon and Nang Prai is a kind of Thai spirit)
- Bone of Phee Prai Tai Tong Glom (who died while pregnant)
- Oil from coconut (which used to wash one's face who died of a violent death)
- Violent death bodies
- Soil from 7 cemeteries
To activate:
Dip oil on your lover’s body or someone who you want to do.
NamManPrai is unbelievable dark magic.

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